Month: April 2010

Best Poster Award for Claire Weiss, Bilge Senturk and Chitra Subramanian

Congratulations to Claire Weiss, Bilge Senturk and Chitra Subramanian, each recipients of the Best Poster Paper Award at the 2011 Connecticut Symposium on Microelectronics and Optoelectronics (CMOC) held at Yale University.  

Best Poster Award for Claire Weiss


Claire Weiss (CMBE, Ph.D. student) – “Influence of the precursor solution mobility on the dielectric response of chemical solution deposited strontium titanate thin films on Si” with MW Cole of the US Army Research Lab and Pamir Alpay

Best Poster Award for Bilge Senturk


Bilge Senturk (CMBE, Ph.D. student)- “Base metal alloys with self-healing native oxides for electrical contact materials” with JV Mantese of UTRC; Yong Liu, Pamir Alpay and Mark Aindow

Best Poster Award for Chitra Subramanian


Chitra Subramanian (Polymer, Ph.D. student) – “Nanofiber based composite structures for PEM fuel cells” with Robert Weiss and Montgomery Shaw.

MRS Members Receive CMOC Awards

Congratulations to MRS Members, Satyesh Yadav and Greg Wrobel, Award Recipients at the Conncticut Microelectronics and Optoelectronics (CMOC) SymposiumSatyesh Yadav, recipient of the Best Poster Paper Award [co-authors Tom Sadowski and Rampi Ramprasad]. reg Wrobel, recipient of the Best Oral Paper Award [“Synthesis and Field Emission of Seedless ZnO Nanoneedles on Metals” with Marcin Piech, Pu-Xian Gao, and Sameh Dardona, UConn and UTRC]. Other awards for UConn students were awarded to Supriya Karmakar for Best Poster Paper Award.