Our Team







Kenneth Looby


My name is Kenneth Looby and I am a PhD Candidate in the Frame Research Group. My research involves investigating the impact of experimental cooling rates on predictions of plasticity models for aluminum alloys. My interest in materials science came from my 5-year career as a manufacturing engineer. I was fascinated by the impact heat treatment process parameters on the microstructure which drove the mechanical properties of stainless steel wire. My favorite hobbies are boxing and long distance running. Sometimes my friends see me doing them on campus. What motivates me to lead in MRS is providing materials scientists and materials engineers skills that will improve their ability to lead, conduct research and manage their mental health. I am passionate about adding value to the MSE community as well as showing UCONN Engineering how we as materials scientists and materials engineers use our insights to help them overcome their research obstacles.






Vice President


Sara Pedram


My name is Sara Pedram, and I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Jankovic Research Group. I am working on the fabrication and characterization of a newly designed bio-inspired fuel cell catalyst layer. I did my undergrad in Chemical Engineering focusing on plasma surface modification of membranes for water treatment This background stimulated my interest in clean energy by highlighting the importance of efficient and sustainable energy sources to address environmental and resource challenges. I'm enthusiastic about joining MRS to support new students in their qualifying exams, just as I received assistance when I joined UConn. My passion lies in offering guidance and assistance with coursework, research, and career development as well as fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among students, promoting a sense of community and interdisciplinary learning.






Morteza Attari


Hi there! I'm Mori, a second-year PhD student diving into the world of Regenerative Engineering, specifically exploring innovative treatments for knee osteoarthritis. I have the privilege of working under the guidance of Dr. Cato Laurencin. My academic journey started with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering, and I later pursued an MSc in Biomedical Engineering, both in my hometown Iran. Beyond the lab, you'll often find me enjoying quality time with friends. I also enjoy connecting with fellow adventurers who share my love for exploration and discovery. Feel free to connect with me to chat about science, nature, or anything in between!





Nabil Bhuiyan


Hi, I am Nabil. I am an international student from Bangladesh, currently pursuing my doctoral degree at UConn MSE. Before that I earned my MS from University of Nevada, Reno in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. I am working with Prof Frame and Prof Serge. I am really thrilled to be a part of this e-board.  Alongside my studies, I find joy in travelling, movie-watching, and connecting with nature.







Mehedi Hassan Dipu


I am Mehedi Hassan Dipu, a second-year PhD student in Professor Volkan Ortalan's research group. Our primary focus is on Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), especially Ultrafast TEM (UTEM). This technique provides a dynamic view into atomic structures and their immediate transformations. When I am not in the lab, I immerse myself in books and engage in philosophical reflections. Meeting new individuals and understanding diverse perspectives is something I deeply value. As the senator of the Materials Research Society (MRS), I am committed to contributing fresh insights from my research experiences, promoting collaboration, and advancing the field of materials science.