Month: December 2008

Activities 2008

November 5th: International Luncheon

November 13th: Graduate School Forum

October 1st: First MRS Chapter meeting for the Fall semester.

June 1st: Planning begins for the Summer Seminar Series hosted by our MRS University Chapter. Our goal is to have several presentations in the series over the summer which gives both students and faculty at the university to present their research. We are currently in talks with professors from other institutions as well to participate in this series.

May 1st: Announcement was made of upcoming elections for Executive Office positions for the 2008 – 2009 academic year. Members were encouraged to nominate themselves for positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

May 28th: We held our first MRS International Lucheon where our members brought dishes to share that represented their culture. We got this idea from the University of Delaware MRD Chapter website. The ethnicity of our members is diverse and as to our delight we were treated to a delicious array of dishes that represented Indian Irish, German, Chinese, Tawain and American traditions.

May 30th: The Executive Board positions are filled by Jacquelynn Garofano (President), Julie Mackey (Vice-President), Salay Stannard (Secretary), and Joseph Rajan (Treasurer). The duties of the new E-Board are effective upon submission of the Annual Activity Report.

April 24-25th: Several of our members volunteered at the 17th Annual CPTV Family Science Expo held at the Connecticut Expo Center in East Hartford, Connecticut.

March 1st: The primary email address for the chapter ( was established and announced to chapter members.

March 24th: We held our first chapter meeting (on campu) which was the “MRS Meet & Greet.” At this meeting, we had a pizza party which gave our members a chance to gather together for the first time as a chapter.

February 18th: We received notification from Dr. Cleva W. Ow-Yang, MRS Special Project Program Chair, that our chapter was awarded full funding requested for the Special Project proposal.

January 20th: Jacquelynn Garofano created UConn Materials Research Society (MRS) Student Chapter group on Facebook. This group is used as an outlet to let our members know about upcoming events at the university and MRS meetings.